In 2019, the Centre for the Social History of the Contemporary World (CHS, a joint research unit from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and the CNRS) and AMuLoP designed a research project around the access of migrants to normal accommodation, their modes of living and heritage-approaches to their habitats. This project successfully secured financial support from the Convergence Institute Migrations (ICM). This partnership with the CHS and the funding from ICM has guaranteed that the exhibition can rely on rigorous and in-depth research. To that end, an advisory committee was created with international specialists and chaired by François Héran (Collège de France).


Since 2014, AMuLoP has formed strong bonds with the local community and created several important partnerships. The local development public body of Plaine Commune through the framework of “Cities and Country of Art and History” supported AMuLoP in its different activities, alongside l'Unité territoriale de rénovation urbaine. The City of Aubervilliers has supported and participated in the development of the exhibition, most notably through its municipal archives, and its department of political and social life of the city. Office public de l’habitat (OPH) d’Aubervilliers has made three apartments available to the exhibition and has offered equally generous technical support.


In order to increase the participation of local residents in our workshops and in contributing to the conception of this exhibition, AmuLoP has sought to form strong local connections particularly with artistic, culture and professional training organisations. The Ministry of Territorial Development has provided further support to the project through a city contract. The Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignations (National bank handling official deposits) has also supported the event. Major partnerships have also been struck with Union sociale de l’Habitat, Nexity, and Saint-Gobain.