As Grand Paris – a national project of expansion and renewal of the French capital’s infrastructure – starts to become a reality, AMuLoP (The Association for a Museum of Working-Class Housing) seeks to join the discussion. Our association proposes an ambitious heritage project which will contribute to the inclusion of working-class neighbourhoods in the heritage of Paris. A revaluation of these, often neglected, histories represent a central issue in fully integrating these areas into the Parisian metropole. 


Playing its own part in this moment, AMuLoP will grant the general public a unique access to this history through the lives and lived-experience of these residents. In presenting them in an embodied manner and relying on the major research results, we aim to deconstruct the current stigmatising representations of these neighbourhoods so that we can all better understand our shared heritage. This project will both valorise a history too frequently disregarded and open sites of reflection which can address the transformations of urban space underway today within the framework of the Grand Paris project.


Bringing together second- and third-level educators, as well as professionals in culture and heritage, AMuLoP is an association under the 1901 Law. All its members work in working class areas of Paris. Alongside research into the history, sociology and architecture of these areas, it also supports a rigorous and continuous reflection on questions around the transmission and communication of this history.


The primary aim of the association is to develop, in the suburbs, a historical museum of working-class neighbourhoods. In a dynamic and embodied manner, and through the prism of diverse forms of lodgements, this museum will tell the story of the daily lives of these inhabitants since the end of the nineteenth century. In order to achieve this, AMuLoP is committed to an immersive and microhistorical approach which can inspire a large and diverse audience.